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B2B Content Strategy & SEO That Generates Pipeline, Not Just Pageviews.


We provide clear, actionable strategies for B2B technology businesses and investment funds to use content and search as a platform for thought leadership, product marketing, and demand generation.

Content Strategy

Owned media content strategies designed to map to complex buyer journeys.


SEO, fueled by machine learning & NLP, baked into every step of the offering.


No giant PDFs, just intuitive action items & playbooks that marketing teams can run with.


Content Strategy + SEO Planning to support Your GTM Strategy

Our team will map out all product and customer-relevant content opportunities and determine what needs to be created or updated in order for you to rank for your most high-value keywords.

This is a 9-week, two-part process to determine how to rank for every critical product, customer and brand relevant search term, throughout the customer journey.

Content Enablement

We create custom content workflows that enable the creation of best-in-class content that ranks for target search queries.

Qualified Leads

We enable marketers to collect 100s of new problem and solution aware contacts every month.

Understand SEO Value

We provide executives with a clear view of the entire content production pipeline, and its potential business impact.

The final deliverable is a collaborative workspace to manage and execute on SEO content that contains onboarding, step-by-step workflows, a prioritized content roadmap, and custom tooling.

You'll Get:
A content plan that maps to your business goals and supports your GTM strategy.
A centralized system to manage, monitor, and collaborate on SEO content.
Detailed and transparent cost per visit and cost per conversion projections.
Your Team Will Be Able To:
Create libraries of content that engage and educate your ideal customer.
Use content as a platform to market your offering and harvest demand.
Confidently execute on content and be able to predict potential business impact.

What Clients Have to Say

"We were a pretty small marketing team. I just didn’t have the headcount and honestly the in-house expertise to effectively measure the performance of our content and strategy. Growth Plays helped me set goals and figure out how to measure outcomes effectively."
Annette Cardwell Avatar

Annette Cardwell

VP of Brand & Corp. Marketing - Lattice

"The Growth Plays team fundamentally understands that growing organic traffic is meaningless if it’s not focused on objectives that support revenue growth. They have a unique ability to deliver SEO results in support of revenue at various stages of a company’s growth."
Emily Ritter Avatar

Emily Ritter

VP of Marketing - Mode Analytics

"Growth Plays’ content strategy paid off 10x better than they estimated and drives demo-ready leads month after month."
Austin Gunter Avatar

Austin Gunter

Former Dir. of Marketing - Gremlin

"We’re getting a lot of inbound demos from our content, and we’re able to close a lot of deals from that. The ROI has been pretty clear."
Ganesh Datta Avatar

Ganesh Datta

Cofounder & CTO - Cortex

Additional Services

Competitive Analysis

We create custom content workflows that enable the creation of best-in-class content that ranks for target search queries.

6 week process.
Determine what your competitors are doing well, where they have moats - and where you can win.
Understand the content quality and cadence your team will need to meet and beat.

Monitoring & Reporting

Get real time, 24/7 visibility into your marketing site. Get alerts from our team when something goes wrong and fix technical issues before they become pipeline problems.

Ongoing, real-time monitoring for technical SEO issues.
Detailed implementation instructions -instead of diagnostic assessments.
Automated and unbiased reporting to give you a pulse on the channel.

Domain & CMS Migrations

Move from one CMS or domain to another with confidence. Extract as much SEO value as possible from your M&A activities.

We work around your launch schedule.
Pragmatic approach to site migrations that wont get eye rolls from your WebOps team.
Deep experience in rebrands and M&A.

Content Revenue Attribution

Understand what topics and page types lead to qualified leads, opportunities, pipeline and closed-won revenue.

4 week process.
Requires already storing all marketing and CRM data in a data warehouse + having a BI team we can work with.
Understand what content drives deals that close.

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